We know it can be daunting when you need to order a gate, there’s so many different styles and fittings available but the first step is getting the measurements right! Here’s our crash course in measuring for a new gate.


If you’ve got existing posts and you just need a new gate then you’re going to measure the gap between the posts. It’s a good idea to measure the top, middle and bottom of where the gate will sit to ensure that the posts are sitting straight. If the measurements are fluctuating then use the smallest one to be sure it’ll fit properly. If you also need posts then measure the whole gap and our team can do the maths and advise you on the correct post size for your gate. The final gate size will be smaller than this width because of the allowance for the gate fittings & expansion clearance.

If you’ve got a pair of gates then don’t worry – just measure the same way!


Gates usually have a clearance of 2cm to 5cm underneath them to allow them to open freely, measure from the ground to the desired height of the top of the gate and take off the clearance you want & this is your gate height.

Please remember:

  • When ordering round topped gates that you’ll need to specify whether the height you give is including the curve or plus the curve.  Depending on the gate style we can advise you of the curve height.
  • If you have uneven ground or obstacles where your gate will open please do let us know so we can advise you the best way to work around it.

Top Tip: You’ll be asked is the gate a Right or Left hand hanging when you call to order a gate. This simply means that when you’re looking at the face (the good side, which is usually the outside) which side are the hinges on. This is important because gates have a diagonal brace which comes up from the hanging stile to stop the gate sagging.

If you’re still unsure, don’t worry. Take some measurements and write them down. If the location is a little complicated then feel free to take some pictures too, this can really help when explaining what you’re after! Give the team a call on 01892 864646 or contact us to have a look at some examples and discuss your new gate requirements.