Fencing Materials

Round top palisade fencing - courtesy DK Fencing
Round Top Palisade Fencing (photo courtesy of DK Fencing)
Close board with Trellis Top - courtesy RM Fencing
Close board with Trellis Top (photo courtesy of RM Fencing)
Cleft Rail on Sawn Posts - courtesy RM Fencing
Cleft Rail on Sawn Posts (photo courtesy of RM Fencing)

Below are some of the more popular types of fencing we can supply.  Click on the  Blue Links to jump straight to the page. 

There are many variations on the main themes, so please contact us or phone Sales on 01892 864646 if you need any assistance, advice, or cannot find what you are looking for on the following pages.

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Installing a new fence or changing the height of an existing fence may require planning permission. Please check this link to the Government Planning Portal which gives some basic guidance.  If you are in any doubt we advise that you check with your local planning office, who are usually very helpful.  


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