Help with working out materials required for your fence.


When you have selected which type of fence you would like, we can help to get your project off to a good start by working out what materials you need.  Simply send us a plan or drawing  ( see examples below ) by post, email or bring it to us at our yard.  We will do the working out for you and send you an itemised free quote.  If you are considering several options we are happy to work out alternative quotes for you to compare. 

Some of the things we may need to know:

  • The finished height of the fence.
  • Type of fencing required.  ( eg. Panels or Closeboard )
  • Type of post.   ( eg. Sawn, Cleft, Round ) 
  • The size of post required.  ( eg. 75 x 75, 100 x 100 or diameter )
  • Post top.  ( eg. Round, Pyramid, Flat )
  • The length of each section of fence. Can be in feet & inches or metres.
  • Any extras required.  ( eg. Delivery, PostSaver, Nails, Postmix, Ballast or cement)
  • Dimensions need to be fairly accurate and can be in feet & inches or metres so long as it is clearly stated which it is.
  • It will be helpful if the quote is ordered for us to know which is the  Face or Good side of the fence.

Any additional information about the fence line, such as sloping ground or changes in ground level can be important & are always useful.  

They say a picture speaks a thousand words & in this case, they often do. So if you want to include any photo's to clarify what you have drawn or of a fence similar to what you need, please do.

Quote request exampleQuote request example



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If you are unsure of what type of fencing you need, then our friendly sales team will be happy to assist you in exploring your options.

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