Postsaver Protective Sleeves

It is known that over 90% of wooden posts fail due to rot occurring just below ground level. Protecting this vulnerable area with a Postsaver sleeve could considerably extend the life expectancy of your posts.

Extended life posts = Long life fencing

The process involves fitting a Postsaver sleeve onto the post in the correct position to help prevent premature rot taking place.

As the position on the post of the PostSaver plastic and bitumastic sleeve is critical, these will normally be fitted by Crestala Fencing to order. Please talk to a member of staff for more information. Due to increasing demand lead times may vary.

Postsaver sleeves can be fitted to most sizes of post from 75mm x 75mm square or 75mm rounds up to 200mm square or 150mm rounds.

PostSaver sleeves can be purchased loose for customers to fit themselves. Please note: The post must be dry and a suitable gas blow torch will be required.

See also: other timber treatment options.

To Order or for more information on PostSaver, contact us online or phone sales on 01892 864646.

Price per PostSaver Sleeve - fitted or loose

*These prices are based on the sleeves being purchased from Crestala together with the appropriate posts.

75mm Square £1.93*  
75mm to 100mm Rounds £1.93* 
100mm Half Rounds £1.93* 
100mm to 125mm Square £2.70*
125mm to 150mm Rounds £2.70*
150mm to 200mm Square £5.03*
200mm Rounds £5.03*

Square  & round posts with PostSaver sleeves fitted.

Square sawn post with postsaver fitted Round post with postsaver fitted

PostSaver 1O year fungal decay Guarantee for Posts

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