Framing Timber

 We stock a range of treated timber suitable for general framing use for decking, fencing or shed building.
The timber is either fine sawn or
Easi-edge and comes in a variety of lengths. Please see below for more detailed information on the different sizes & lengths available. 

For more information on any of our timber or for a quote contact us online or phone sales on 01892 864646.

BSW Easi-edge refers to timber that has been lightly planed all round & has rounded edges.        

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                           Easi-edge timber

Specifications & price

BSW Easi-edge
All C16 Stress Graded
4.80m x 195mm x 45mm (16'0" x 8" x 2")   £22.88
4.80m x 145mm x 45mm (16'0" x 6" x 2")    £15.83
4.80m x 95mm x 45mm (16'0" x 4" x 2")     £9.42
3.6m x 95mm x 45mm (12'0" x 4" x 2")       £7.06
2.4m x 95mm x 45mm (8'0" x 4" x 2")         £4.72
2.1m x 95mm x 45mm (7'0" x 4" x 2")          £4.15
1.8m x 95mm x 45mm (6'0" x 4" x 2")         £3.55
1.80m x 95mm x 45mm (6'0" x 4" x 2")       £3.55
BSW Easi-edge  NOT C16
3.60m x  70mm x 45mm (12'0" x 3" x 2")     £5.65
Sawn Finnish.
3.60m x 50mm x 47mm (12'0" x 2" x 2")       £4.16
3.60m x 150mm x 38mm (12'0" x 6" x 1.5")   £8.96
3.00m x 50mm x 32mm (10'0" x 2" x 1.25")   £2.80
3.00m x 75mm x 32mm (10'0" x 3" x 1.25")   £4.33
4.80m x 50mm x 25mm (16'0" x 2" x 1")       £3.41

  If you can't see what you want, please contact us online or phone 01892864646 and we will do our best to meet your requirements.


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