Closeboard Garden Gates made by Crestala.

Crestala Closeboard Gates are manufactured on site in our workshop, by our skilled Gatemakers in a variety of styles and finishes. We can make special sizes.

For more information on gates manufactured by Crestala contact us or phone sales on 01892 864646.

All gates manufactured by Crestala are made to be robust, yet offer very good value for money. The timber used is pressure treated, joinery grade, slow-growing Russian or Scandinavian redwood. The treatment provides good protection against rot and insect attack. Cosmetic treatments can be added later if desired.

It should be noted that all treated softwood gates are susceptible to natural movement or shaking (cracks in the timber) as the timber expands & contracts during the normal weathering process. This is not considered to be a defect unless very severe. We recommend that treated softwood gates are allowed to dry fully before cosmetic treatments are applied.

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Framed, ledged & braced Closeboard Gates.

  • Price per gate.
  • Standard frame Ex 100 x 50 Stiles & Ex 100x 38mm rails.
  • For all Gates priced below Special widths/heights priced next size up.
  • Widths over 1.2m can be made but are not guaranteed.
    For gate widths over 1.2m, we recommend using a heavy frame.
  • For more information on Crestala Standard Frame Gates contact us or phone sales on 01892 864646.

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Flat top closeboard gate with or without capping.

Specifications & price

Width       1.20m       1.05m         0.9m
Crestala Rotherfield Closeboard Gate.

2.10m     £108.29     £94.86     £82.62              

1.80m     £103.36     £90.28     £78.38

1.50m     £98.36       £84.67     £74.08

1.20m     £70.91       £64.02     £57.40

1.05m     £67.87       £57.86     £52.36

900mm   £59.18       £52.18     £46.37


  • Closeboard gate with a cut curved top.

Specifications & price

Width       1.20m       1.05m         0.9m
  • Height
    Crestala Speldhurst closeboard Gate.

    2.10m     £120.29     £106.86     £94.62

    1.80m     £115.36     £102.28     £90.38

    1.50m     £110.36     £96.67       £86.08

    1.20m     £82.91       £76.02        £69.40

    1.05m     £79.87       £69.86        £64.36

    900mm   £71.18      £64.18         £58.37


Specifications & price

Width       1.20m       1.05m         0.9m
  • Closeboard gate with a slatted top.
  • Height
    Crestala Nutley closeboard Gate.

    2.10m     £138.29     £124.86     £112.62

    1.80m     £133.36     £120.28     £108.38

    1.50m     £128.36     £114.67     £104.08

    1.20m     £100.91     £94.02       £87.40

    1.05m     £97.87       £87.86       £82.36

    900mm   £89.18       £82.18       £76.37


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