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  • Chestnut Cleft Posts

    £15.82£21.40 inc. VAT
    • All our Chestnut Post and Rail is sourced from local producers.
    • Provides a more natural and rustic appearance. Can be used for domestic gardens, horse paddocks and driveways.
    • Posts set at 9' centres.
    • Posts set at 9' centres.
    • Square sawn posts for cleft rails usually have 2 or 3 pairs of mortises for the rails.
    • Posts are usually mortised to order.
    • Sawn softwood posts are treated using the latest generation preservatives to UC4 standard
    • Intended for use with Chestnut Cleft Rails, but can be mortised for arris or square rails if required.
  • Chestnut Inter Posts (Pointed)

    £2.77£3.67 inc. VAT
    • An unsorted mixture of splits, rounds and halves.
    • Chestnut hardwood products are untreated.
    • Bitumen protective treatment or Wood preserver can be painted on to provide additional protection.
    • Chestnut end and corner posts for stockfence and netting
    • Chestnut hardwood products are untreated
    • Square ends
  • Machined Round Posts (Pointed)

    £2.04£25.08 inc. VAT
    • Our softwood machined round posts are pressure treated to UC4 standard.
    • Various lengths and diameters.
  • Tree Stakes

    £2.52£3.00 inc. VAT
    • Tree Stakes are high enough and strong enough to support small trees
    • Machined round
    • 1.5m or 1.8m long
    • Pressure treated
  • Machined Half Round Posts (Pointed)

    £3.96£4.56 inc. VAT
    • Treated to UC4 standard.
    • Flat face for easy fixing.
  • Peeled Round Pointed Posts (Cundy posts)

    £3.00£10.20 inc. VAT
    • Treated using the latest generation preservatives to UC4 standard.
  • Peeled Strainer Posts (Pointed)

    £11.90£22.44 inc. VAT
    • Our softwood, peeled strainers are pointed and treated using the latest generation preservatives to UC4 standard.
  • Square Softwood Posts

    £7.68£84.13 inc. VAT
    • Our large stocks of sawn softwood posts are treated using the latest generation preservatives to UC4 standard to provide an anticipated lifespan of 15 years unless stated otherwise.
    • Suitable for use as Fence or Gate posts.
  • Wooden Repair Spurs for Wooden Posts

    £5.47£8.99 inc. VAT
    • Wooden Spurs can be used to repair & extend the life of wooden fence posts that have rotted off at ground level.
    • They are concreted in down the side of the existing post and attached to the post above the break using either 125mm or 150mm Landscape screws.
    • Cheapest repair spur option.
    • A sloping top can be added as an extra.
    • Posts treated to U/C4 standard.
    • Posts are usually mortised to order.
    • Posts can be mortised to match an existing post.
    • Mortised Concrete Posts are also available.
    • Please specify Add ons in the comments box on Quote Cart: Router Line Post Top or Edge Router
    • Mortised posts treated to U/C 4 standard
    • Posts are usually morticed to order
    • Posts can be mortised to match an existing post
    • Please specify Add-ons required eg: Router Line, Post Top or Edge Router, when ordering or requesting a quote

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