HT and MS Barbed Wire

HT and MS Barbed Wire

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  • High Tensile or Mild Steel.
  • Two strands of wire loosely twisted together with 4 pointed barbs at approx 100mm (4″) spacing.

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When selecting Barbed wire, please consider the following:

Barbed wire is two strands of galvanised wire loosely twisted with four pointed barbs at approximately 100mm (4″) spacing.

A versatile wire fencing that can be used in several rows on its own or mixed with alternate rows of plain galvanised line wire. Barbed wire is also used as a deterrent by fixing over the top of any fence or type of netting.

Mild steel (MS) is thicker, more pliable and softer. Stretches more when tensioned.

High tensile (HT) is thinner, stiffer and harder to work with or cut. Though it stretches less when tensioned.

It is usually stapled to supporting posts, either Chestnut or treated peeled softwood. These are typically set at 2m to 3m (7′ to 10′) centres.

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1.6mm High Tensile, 2.5mm Mild Steel

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