Chestnut Pale Rolls

Chestnut Pale Rolls

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  • Rolls of Chestnut Pale fencing can provide an easy-to-erect, rustic-looking barrier
  • Chestnut products are untreated
  • Chestnut Pales with 2 or 3 horizontal rows of twisted wire
  • 3″ approximate gap between pales
  • Due to the traditional nature in which these are made, they are made to imperial measurements.

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Chestnut Pale rolls can provide an easy-to-erect, rustic-looking barrier. At about 2.5m (8 to 9 ft) centres, it is usually supported by being stapled to either Chestnut stakes or treated peeled softwood posts. Ideal for use as a temporary fence or when used up against a hedge, a quick alternative support method is metal Fencing Pins.

As Chestnut is a hardwood, all Chestnut products are untreated.

Each roll consists of individual Chestnut Pales fixed with 2 or 3 horizontal rows of galvanised twisted wire. The pales are split along the grain of the timber so that individual pales can vary in size.

There is an approximate gap of 3″ (75 mm) between pales. It is made to imperial measurements due to its traditional manufacture.

Additional information


0.9m (35 1/2"), 1.05m (41 1/4"), 1.2m (47 1/4"), 1.5m (59"), 1.8m (71")


4.57m (14'10"), 9.15m (30')

Support Wire

2 Wires, 3 Wires

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