Chestnut Pale Rolls

Chestnut Pale Rolls

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  • Rolls of Chestnut Pale fencing can provide an easy-to-erect, rustic-looking barrier
  • Chestnut products are untreated
  • Chestnut Pales with 2 or 3 horizontal rows of twisted wire
  • 3″ approximate gap between pales
  • Due to the traditional nature in which these are made, they are made to imperial measurements.
  • Prices for this product are variable. Please contact us for a quote to enable us to offer you the best price for your order.

More Information

Chestnut Pale rolls can provide an easy-to-erect, rustic-looking barrier. At about 2.5m (8 to 9 ft) centres, it is usually supported by being stapled to either Chestnut stakes or treated peeled softwood posts. Ideal for use as a temporary fence or when used up against a hedge, a quick alternative support method is metal Fencing Pins.

As Chestnut is a hardwood, all Chestnut products are untreated. Each roll consists of individual Chestnut Pales fixed with 2 or 3 horizontal rows of galvanised twisted wire. The pales are split along the grain of the timber so that individual pales can vary in size.

There is a 3″ (75 mm) approximate gap between pales. It is made to imperial measurements due to its traditional manufacture.

Additional information


0.9m (35 1/2"), 1.05m (41 1/4"), 1.2m (47 1/4"), 1.5m (59"), 1.8m (71")


4.57m (14'10"), 9.15m (30')

Support Wire

2 Wires, 3 Wires

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