Chicken Netting

Chicken Netting

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  • Galvanised Mild Steel
  • 50mm holes

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As its name implies, chicken netting is used to make chicken runs. It is attached by staples to treated machine round or peeled posts. The holes in the mesh are hexagonal and approx 50mm across.

Chicken netting is made from a thin gauge wire. Horizontal line wires are used to stop the net from sagging and for added strength. These are run at the top, centre & bottom of the netting. You can add more line wires for some applications where extra support is required. The bottom of the net, including the bottom line wire, can be held down with netting pegs, or alternatively, you can dig 150mm (6″) of netting into the ground.

Where Foxs are a problem, the bottom section of the netting can be reinforced with light weldmesh or a more substantial Universal stock pattern fence.

Please note – This netting is NOT suitable for keeping out rabbits as the netting holes are too large. See our selection of Rabbit netting.

Additional information

Hole Size



25m, 50m


1.8m (71")

Type of Netting


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