Crestala Diamond Trellis – Large Panels

Crestala Diamond Trellis – Large Panels

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  • 152mm (6″) Batten centres across points, using 19mm x 38mm batten.
  • The hole size is approximately 70mm x 70mm (2.75″ x 2.75″).
  • Capping is included.
  • Made to order only & as such, are non-returnable, except 3m x 300mm and 600mm.
  • Diamond trellis is not easy to cut down.
  • Curved tops are not available.
  • We can sometimes make other sizes of Crestala large Diamond Trellis panels. Please get in touch with us for your bespoke quote.

More Information

Crestala Large Diamond Trellis Fencing panels are very versatile and have many uses around the garden. Including screening as part of a fence, framing for climbing plants, enclosing features such as pergolas or eyesores like dustbin areas.

This trellis panel is very robust and is suitable for supporting heavy or dense climbing plants.

Our diamond trellis is made to order by Crestala in our own workshops. Manufactured using pressure treated 19mm x 38mm batten, our diamond trellis is too substantial to be used with the standard 50mm wide slot found on most concrete or wooden slotted posts.
Please note: As these trellises are special orders only and made specifically for you, they are non-returnable/refundable.

The battens are spaced at 150mm (6″ ) Batten centres across the points of the diamond.

The hole size is approximate 70mm x 70mm (2.75″ x 2.75″).

Diamond trellis is not easy to cut down. Please speak to a member of our Sales Team for available options or advice.

All our Diamond trellis panels include capping unless specified otherwise when the panels are ordered.

Due to the heavy construction of our diamond trellis, curved tops are not available.

We may be able to make other sizes and heights of Diamond Trellis Panel. Don’t hesitate to get in touch with us for more detailed information or your bespoke quote.

Additional information


0.915m (36"), 0.91m (3'), 0.9m (2'11"), 1.05m (3'5"), 1.09m (3'6"), 1.21m (4'), 1.22m (4'), 1.2m (3'11"), 1.4m (4'6"), 1.52m (5'), 1.7m (5'6"), 1.83m (6'), 1.8m (5'10"), 15mm, 2.13m (7'), 2.1m (6'10"), 2.43m (8'), 2.4m (7'10"), 2.4m (8'), 2.74m (9'), 2.7m (8'10"), 2.7m (9'2"), 3.04m (10'), 3.35m (11'), 3.65m (12'), 3.6m (11'9"), 3.96m (13'), 38mm, 3m (9'10"), 4.26m (14'), 4.57m (15'), 4.87m (16'), 50mm, 60mm, 91.5cm (3'), Max Width: 91.5cm (36")


0.305m (1'), 0.61m (2'), 0.915m (3')

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