Heavy Duty Cross Bolt 18″

Heavy Duty Cross Bolt 18″

£47.52 inc. VAT

  • 45.7cm (18″) Lockable cross bolt
  • Galvanised for protection and long life

More Information

Lockable Surface/Cross Bolt

Lockable cross bolts are available in a galvanised finish for long life. These heavy-duty padlockable bolts provide security for pairs of gates or shed doors in conjunction with a drop bolt. Alternatively, pairs of gates can be secured with either a hasp and staple or a long throw lock.


Please read the fitting instructions included in the pack.

Surface bolts are normally fitted horizontally to the middle rail of the left-hand gate. The bolt can be fitted to the inside or outside of the gates.
Using the screws provided makes fitting quick and easy.
This type of drop bolt can be fitted to most standard or heavy-frame gate styles. It can also be used to secure 5-bar field-style gates, but this is not common.

There are two options for attaching this style of bolt.
1/  Using the screws provided is the quickest and easiest way. Although this method provides some security, the cross bolts can be levered off using a bit of force.
2/  The more secure method is to use coach bolts instead of screws. By assembling the coach bolt nuts inside the gate or door, you can make the cross bolt much more secure and harder for a thief to remove.

Screws or bolts can be provided if requested.
Please check with our Sales Team when ordering to ensure you get the fitting you require.

Tip.  If you are putting in the effort of fitting the bolt with coach bolts to increase security, don’t forget to purchase a good quality security padlock.

An alternative security solution is to fit a key lockable long throw lock, designed for use with external gates and doors.

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