Edging Panel

Edging Panel

£6.98 inc. VAT

  • Pressure-treated
  • 900mm long x 300mm high  (3ft x 1ft)
  • Pointed legs for easy fitting
  • Very Strong with 50mm x 25mm rails
    and 70mm x 16mm slats

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Our versatile Edging panels can be used all around the garden. They are particularly good along the sides of pathways, borders and lawns.

The panels are strong and can be joined together to make a continuous panel using our straight framing plates. The edging panels are easily fitted using a mallet or hammer to drive the pointed feet at each end of the panel into the ground.

Tip – to avoid damaging or marking the top of the panel when using a hammer, place a scrap piece of wood or thick card on top of the panel before striking with the hammer.

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0.3m (11 3/4")


0.9m (35 1/2")

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