Green PVC Chain link

Green PVC Chain link

£128.06£257.37 inc. VAT

  • Line wire is included in the roll price
  • Other heights up to 3.6m (12’0″) and other gauges (thicknesses) are available please contact us for availability & pricing information

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Green PVC Chain Link fitted to Black Angle Posts is the most popular chain link for domestic use. It is lighter, easier to handle and blends in much easier around the garden.

Galvanised chain link is also available but is more popular for commercial purposes, being heavier and stronger therefore subsequently more expensive.

Included with each roll of green PVC chain link is sufficient line wire for the number of line wires required for each height. The chain link is attached to the line wires with netting rings, CL22 clips or FP222 clips.

Other Heights up to 3.6m (12’0″) and other Gauges (thicknesses) are available by special order – please contact us for availability & pricing information.

Additional information


0.9m (35 1/2"), 1.2m (47 1/4"), 1.5m (59"), 1.8m (71")


25m (82')

Wire Gauge/ Total Gauge with Coating

2.24mm / 3.15mm

Hole size

50mm (2")

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