Handrail Bracket

Handrail Bracket

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  • 90mm Steel, heavy-duty, BZP coated
  • 63mm Aluminium
  • Ideal for steps, stairs and ramps

More Information

Handrail brackets are ideal for attaching handrails to provide a secure and safe handhold for support on slopes or steps.

Fixings for Handrail Brackets

Handrail brackets need to be attached securely to a solid support framework or posts, and we recommend using external quality woodscrews, preferably over 38mm (1 .5″) in length. Fix the handrail to the bracket using the longest screw possible without the points of the screws protruding through the upper surface of the handrail. The size of the screw will depend on the depth of the material being used as a handrail.

Sizes and Finish

90mm Steel, heavy-duty, BZP coated or 63mm Aluminium.

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63mm Handrail Bracket, 90mm Handrail Bracket (Heavy Duty)

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