Morticed Field Gate Latch Set

Morticed Field Gate Latch Set

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  • Suitable for use with 5 bar style field gates hanging between posts.
  • Allows gate to open both ways.

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Morticed field gate latches are suitable for 5 bar-style field gates and allow a gate hung between wooden gate posts or brick piers to swing open both ways.
They operate very similarly to a Suffolk Latch (Thumb latch) fitted to smaller domestic house gates.

Tools and Fitting

This catch is comparatively easy to fit, providing there is a gap of 40 to 50mm between the closing gate stile and the shutting post. A small amount of leeway as the latch striker can be shortened, or the latch plate can be shimmed out further if required.
A slot approximately 60mm long x 8 mm wide needs to be cut in the centre of the hanging stile between the fourth and fifth horizontal bars (rails) for the latch striker. This is achieved by drilling a series of 8mm holes and cleaning out the slot with a sharp chisel.
The latch plate should be screwed onto the shutting post in the centre at a height that allows the latch striker to easily ride up the curve and drop into the slot from both directions.

Further Information

Please note:

  • The slot must be correctly positioned. Check carefully before drilling.
  • Gates cannot normally be returned once drilled or marked in any way.

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