Mortised Wall or Post Plates

Mortised Wall or Post Plates

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  • Wall or Post plates for closeboard or palisade fencing
  • Plates are usually mortised to customer order

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Plates or Half posts, as they are sometimes called, are used instead of an End Post.  They are helpful where the fence run finishes at a wall or on an existing unmortised post. They can also be used where the mortise detail on an existing end post does not match our standard mortise detail for posts.

When using a Wallplate for closeboard, you can add a weather (shaped top) to the top of the plate to match round or pyramid top (four-way weathered) posts. Please select a plate length 100mm longer than the fence height and specify the post top you want when requesting your quote.
For closeboard using back weathered or flat top posts, the wall plate will be the same height as the fence.

When used as a post plate for closeboard, the top is usually square, and the plate is the same length as the fence height. For use with palisade, the plate would again be the same height as the fence but would normally have a weather to match the palisade tops.

If you are not sure what length or top to use, our Sales Team will be happy to help you select the correct plate for your needs.

We can supply the appropriate fixings coach-screws for walls or index-landscape-and-framing-screws for post plates.

Do you need help or need a bit more information?  For closeboard, check out our closeboard materials and information helpsheet, and for palisade, look at our palisade materials and information helpsheet.

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Weather on plate top, 0.9m (35 1/2"), 1.00m (39 1/4"), 1.05m (41 1/4"), 1.15m (45 1/4"), 1.2m (47 1/4"), 1.30m (51"), 1.35m (53"), 1.45m (57 1/16"), 1.5m (59"), 1.65m (65"), 1.6m (63"), 1.75m (68 7/8"), 1.8m (71"), 1.95 (76 3/4"), 1.9m (74 3/4"), 2.05m (6'9"), 2.1m (6'10"), 2.2m (7'2")

Plate top

Flat, Includes weather

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