Oval Pad Bolt

Oval Pad Bolt

£6.31 inc. VAT

  • Galvanised or Black finish
  • For securing Gates and sheds

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Oval pad bolts are available in either a galvanised or painted black finish. These padlockable bolts provide security for gates and shed doors. The advantage of Oval pad bolts is that they can be securely fitted to the vertical stile of a gate or door and do not require fitting to a horizontal rail.


Packs with fitting instructions are available on request.
There are two options for attaching this style of bolt.
1/  Using the screws provided is the quickest and easiest way. Although this method does provide some security, the pad bolts can be levered off with a bit of force.
2/  The more secure method is to use coach bolts instead of screws. By assembling with the coach bolt nuts on the inside of the gate or door, you can make the Pad bolt much more secure and harder for a thief to remove.

All packs have screws included, and some have coach bolts to suit 50mm thick frames. In addition, coach bolts to fit 70mm thick frames are available.
Please check with our Sales Team when ordering to ensure you get the fitting you require.

Tip 1.  If you are putting in the effort of fitting the pad bolt with coach screws to increase security, don’t forget to purchase a good quality security padlock.

Tip 2.  After a time, all gates drop a little on the closing stile. Fitting a large keep (Listed on Brenton Bolts) allows for this and avoids having to move the bolt or keep later on. The larger keep can also replace standard keeps on Brenton bolts or most types of surface bolts when you are experiencing alignment problems.

An alternative security solution is to fit a key lockable long throw lock, designed for use with external gates and doors.


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Black, Galvanised

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