Palisade 3m Bay Prices – Round Top Palisade using mortised 100mm(4″) x 100mm(4″) Round top posts

Palisade 3m Bay Prices – Round Top Palisade using mortised 100mm(4″) x 100mm(4″) Round top posts

£18.36£137.47 inc. VAT

  • Example prices for individual 3m bays of round top palisade.
  • Palisades at approx 70mm spacings. (Hit one-miss one)
  • Please note, that posts are usually morticed to match each customers order.

More Information

Here are some example prices for individual 3m bays of round top palisade/picket fencing. The 3m Palisade fence bay price includes the palisades/pickets, arris rails, and one  100mm x 100mm mortised post with a round top to match the palisades. Palisades are spaced at approx 70mm spacings (hit one-miss one).

You will need an end post to finish off your fence. The end post price is shown separately. If the fence run ends with a wall or an existing unmortised post, a wall plate or a post plate can be used instead.

Due to the many possible mortising variations, our workshop team usually mortise palisade posts to suit the customer’s specific order.

We can supply the appropriate quantity of galvanised nails and Post-mix separately, but these are NOT included in the bay prices quoted.

About Palisade Fencing

Palisade or Picket fence is very popular as front or back garden boundary fencing, particularly where a solid fence is not needed or desired. Picket fencing can also partition parts of the garden, such as the veggie patch, from children and pets. Matching gates and fittings are available to complete the look.

Care & Maintenace

All our Palisade fencing materials are pressure-treated with preservatives for longevity. We recommend that our pressure-treated fencing be given a coat of UV wood oil when new and then reoiled every year. This oiling will help to reduce the natural weathering effects and keep your fence looking good for longer.

Alternatively, to produce the traditional cottage-style fence, the fence can be treated with a coloured, water-based fence treatment instead of oiling. Ideally, the fence should be left for several months for the pressure treatment to dry out entirely before retreating. Again, it is best to avoid dark colours as they attract heat which may cause additional movement in the timber.

Do you need help or need a bit more information about Palisade Fencing? Check out our Materials and Information Helpsheet and Characteristics of Timber page.

*Ex is the size before the timber is planed; approx. 2 to 5mm is shaved off each face.


Additional information

Post Length

2.7m (9'2"), 2.4m (8'), 2.1m (6'10"), 1.8m (5'10"), 1.5m (4'11")

Fence Height

1.8m (6'), 1.65m (5'6"), 1.5m (5'), 1.2m (4'), 1.05m(3'6"), 1.0m (3'3"), 0.9m (3'), 0.75m (2'6"), 1.35m (4'6")


3m Bay, End Post

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