Post Anchors (Met Post)

Post Anchors (Met Post)

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  • Zinc plated for corrosion resistance & then brown powder coated.

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Please read the Safety note below.

Post anchors are an alternative method of supporting square wooden fence posts, instead of the more traditional methods of digging a hole and using a Post mix or Dry mix (ballast and cement mix with no added water) to hold the post in position.
We would not recommend using post anchors for overall fence heights over 1.2m (4′) or to support gate posts.

The post anchor is knocked into the ground in the position the post is required using a sledge or other large hammer. The spike must be driven vertically, which is very difficult to do if you have stoney ground.

Safety Note

Please exercise caution when banging in post anchors.
Check for power cables and service pipes before starting to knock in. Repairing fractured service pipes is expensive, but damaging power cables is hazardous and potentially life-threatening.  Power cables, gas, water and sewage pipes have been found very close to the surface and in places you would not expect.
We advise using a wooden or fibreglass handled sledgehammer and wearing rubber-soled shoes and rubber gloves when knocking in post anchors.

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600mm spike for 75 x 75mm Posts (24" x 3" x 3"), 750mm spike for 75 x 75mm Posts (30" x 3" x 3"), 750mm spike for 100 x 100mm Posts (30" x 4" x 4"), 450mm spike for 50 x 50mm Posts (18" x 2" x 2")

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