Convex Top Diamond Privacy Lattice

Convex Top Diamond Privacy Lattice

£28.45 inc. VAT

  • 300mm (12″) high at the sides and 400mm (16″) high in the centre.
  • Privacy lattice is not easy to cut down.
  • Lattice strips 20mm wide x 8mm thick.
  • Lattice hole dimensions are 20 to 25mm.
  • Stocked item.

More Information

The convex top diamond privacy lattice has much smaller holes than our standard Crestala diamond trellis, making a denser screen that is much harder to see through.

The slats used are smaller, which results in a lightweight lattice panel.

To extend their life, the panels are made using timber that has been pressure treated.

To keep their appearance over time, retreatment may be required.

These privacy lattice panels are 1.83m (6′) wide, so they will fit over any standard UK panel.

Privacy lattice is not suitable for use where strength is important. e.g. for use with climbing plants.

Because of the curved top rail, the convex top diamond privacy lattice is not easily cut down to make a part panel.

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1.83m (6')


0.3m (11 3/4")

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