Ratchet and Cargo Straps

Ratchet and Cargo Straps

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  • Cam buckle tie-down
  • 2.5-ton Rachet strap
  • 300kg Rachet strap

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Once you have purchased your fencing materials, you must get them safely and hopefully intact to your destination. To do this, you need to attach them securely to your vehicle.

Our Ratchet straps and cargo straps are made to do just that. They are adjustable and come in a range of sizes to suit most sizes of loads. There are numerous videos on YouTube about the use of ratchet straps and how to secure loads to various types of vehicles. If you are not sure how to use these straps safely, a search on YouTube is an excellent place to start.

Whether you are in a car, van, pickup, truck or lorry, the driver is solely responsible for securing any load properly. The Government does supply some guidance on this in its Safety of Loads on Vehicles, Code of Practice. This mainly applies to Lorries and trucks, but cars and pickups are mentioned in several places.

I have also found an American County Government site that does address load safety for smaller vehicles a bit more clearly. Although the legal aspects may not apply in the UK, similar rules do apply. Reading their general information about load security is a perfect place to start for ensuring your load is properly secure, and their videos are well worth watching.

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2.5ton Ratchet Strap, 300kg Ratchet Strap, Cam Buckle Tie Down

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