Sawn Post and Rail

Sawn Post and Rail

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  • Posts normally at 1.8m centres when using 3.6m (12′) rails
  • *Half Round Rails can be substituted if desired

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Sawn Post and Rail are usually made up of sawn, square-cornered and pressure treated softwood.
Hardwood (mostly green Oak)  is available by special order. The cost of Oak is considerably higher, so please ask for a quote before ordering. Netting for stock or pets is easily added, especially to option 1/.

There are basically two variations of Sawn post and rail. They can each have as many rails as needed, usually between two and four. The post and rail sizes can vary depending on the specification.

1/ Where either external woodscrews or galvanised nails attach the rails onto the face of the posts. The rails form a continuous line along the front of the fence. The usual bay size is 1.8m (the centre of a post to the centre of the next post). Joints in the rails are staggered so that all the rails are not joined on the same posts. This variation is easy to put up and repair.

2/ Where the posts are mortised to take the rails. The ends of the rails are usually scarfed (cut at about a 45-degree angle), which enables the joint to be inside the mortise. Bay sizes can vary from 1.8m to 3m. Bays over 1.8m usually have what is known as a prick post (a 1.8m length of rail) attached in the centre of the bay. This type of post and rail takes more effort to install and is much more difficult to repair.


Post and rail posts are not normally concreted in, although postmix can be used if needed. The backfill is normally rammed up hard, which should secure the post satisfactorily.


All of our softwood post and rail fencing materials are pressure-treated with preservatives for longevity. In addition, we recommend that our pressure-treated fencing be given a coat of UV wood oil when it is new. Then reoiled every year, reducing the natural weathering effects and keeping your fence looking good for longer.


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Rail*, Post, Rail or Gravelboard, Rail


3.0m (9'10"), 2.10m (6'10"), 3.60m (11'9")


38mm(1.5") x 150mm(6"), 38mm(1.5") x 88mm(3.5"), 75mm(3") x 125mm(5"), 75mm(3") x 150mm(6")

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