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  • 10mm or 20mm
  • 25kg bags.
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10m and 20mm shingle have many uses around your house and garden. 10mm is sometimes called Pea shingle or Gravel.

Some of the many uses and benefits of shingle include:

  • Suppressing weeds around the garden. It reduces mowing and is very easy to maintain.
  • It is a long-lasting, natural product that allows water to pass through easily.
  • It blends in well all around your drive and garden.
  • It enhances your property’s security. For example, you can hear anyone walking on a gravel driveway at night.
  • Very easy to use for making paths, driveways or lay as a decorative feature around borders, ponds, pools, and fountains.
  • It makes an excellent mulch to retain moisture during hot, dry spells, particularly when combined with a weed-suppressant fabric.
  • It can be added to a concrete mix with sharp sand to give it a more textured finish.
  •  You can use 10mm pea shingle to make a bed for drainage pipes.

As shingle is a natural product, there will be some colour and size variation.

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25kg bag 10mm, 25kg bag 20mm

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