Square Softwood Posts

Square Softwood Posts

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  • Our large stocks of sawn softwood posts are treated using the latest generation preservatives to UC4 standard to provide an anticipated lifespan of 15 years unless stated otherwise.
  • Suitable for use as Fence or Gate posts.
  • Up to 50% off of Gate post seconds, suitable for field gates. Contact our Sales Team

More Information

Square Fence and Gate Posts

Description and uses

We have in stock a large selection of treated square softwood posts in various heights and sections.

Our square-sawn posts are suitable for fencing or for use as gate posts.

All softwood fence posts have square ends (flat) as standard.

Gate Posts (150 mm, 175mm & 200mm) are four-way weathered ( pyramid top ) on one end as standard.

We have in stock a number of gate post seconds in all three sizes suitable for use with field gates. We are offering these with up to 50% discount. Sold as seen and non-returnable.

Corner (edge) chamfering and/or router lines can be added to any square-cut softwood post if desired.


Unless stated otherwise, all posts are pressure treated with the latest generation preservatives to UC4 standard for in-ground contact. The treatment companies say that this standard should give an anticipated lifespan of 15 years.

To extend the life of the fence and gate posts, you may want to consider adding a timber treatment or wood preserver that can add extra protection to the part of the post going into the ground.

Fixing in the Ground

We have both fast-setting Post mix and the more traditional Ballast and Cement to make up a dry mix. Either of these options is suitable for securely fixing fence or gate posts in position.

Please Note

All treated softwood posts are susceptible to natural movement or shaking (vertical cracks in the wood) as the timber expands and contracts during the normal weathering process. These problems do not usually affect the structural integrity of the post and will mostly disappear when colder, moist weather returns. This is not considered to be a defect unless very severe. Please read our Characteristics of timber information sheet for more information.

Additional information


1.5m (59"), 1.8m (71"), 2.1m (6'10"), 2.4m (7'10"), 2.7m (8'10"), 3.6m (11'9"), 3m (9'10"), 4.8m (15'9")


100mm(4") x 100mm(4"), 100mm(4") x 100mm(4") Round Top, 100mm(4") x 75mm(3"), 125mm(5") x 100mm(4"), 125mm(5") x 125mm(5"), 125mm(5") x 75mm(3"), 125mm(5"0 x 125mm(5") 4- way weathered, 150mm (6") X 100mm (4"), 150mm (6") X 75mm (3"), 150mm(6") x 150mm(6") 4-Way Weathered, 175mm(7") x 175mm(7") 4-Way Weathered, 200mm(8") x 200mm(8") 4-Way Weathered, 75mm(3") x 75mm(3")

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