Timco In-Dex Stainless Steel Landscape and Framing Screw

Timco In-Dex Stainless Steel Landscape and Framing Screw

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  • Stainless steel landscape screw for use with Oak or in corrosive environments
  • A very good heavy duty wood fastener
  • Pre-drilling is recommended for stainless steel fixings
  • Tested to EN14592:2008  (Screws for structural timber products)

More Information

Timco In-Dex stainless steel landscape and framing screws are designed as an alternative to the more traditional coach screws and our standard landscape screws when used for timber to timber applications in a corrosive environments such as using some hardwood timbers especially Oak.
Being made from stainless steel this screw is ideal for outdoor applications as it will never rust, however, there is a drawback with using stainless steel. It is much softer than normal steel and needs careful handling. Holes must be predrilled and the screws inserted without excessive torque.

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150mm x 6.7mm


1, 25

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