Edging Board

Edging Board

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  • Treated for use as edging on lawns and paths
  • It can also be used for fencing
  • 10cm (4″) X 22mm (1″)

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Our 100mm x 22mm Edging Board is pressure treated for general use. It is also suitable for fencing or landscaping. A useful board that is the same thickness but not as wide as gravel board.


As the name implies, the Edging board is great for the edges of paths, flower beds, and lawns. It is usually held in place with wooden pegs.
Tip: Curves can be made by cutting vertical grooves in the board with a small circular saw around the portion of the board you wish to curve. The cuts should not be more than half the thickness of the board deep and on the inside of the curve. There are several videos on YouTube showing the process.
Remember to thoroughly retreat the saw cuts with an end coat before fixing them in position.

The edging board can also be used vertically as part of a fence framework to make a strong “Hit and Miss” fence.


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1.8m (71"), 3.60m (11'9")

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