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  • Galvanised or Green PVC Coated
  • Weldmesh is rigid & does not require straining

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Weldmesh is available with a Galvanised, or Green PVC Coated finish in various heights, hole sizes, wire diameters and roll lengths.

Weldmesh is very versatile, with uses ranging from support for climbing plants to security fencing.

As weldmesh is rigid, it does not require straining (pulling tight), which makes it much easier to put up, although initially, it is harder to unroll and straighten out. Weldmesh can be attached to wooden posts like wire netting with 30 or 40mm staples. 

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Galvanised, Green PVC, Jarditor Green PVC

Hole Size

25mm (1") x 25mm (1"), 25mm(1") x 13mm(1/2"), 50mm(2") x 50mm(2")

Wire Gauge/ Total Gauge with Coating

1.05mm (19g), 1.05mm (19g)/ 1.4mm(17g), 1.6mm (16g), 2.5mm (12g), 2.5mm(12g) / 3mm(11g), 3mm (11g)

Roll Length

30m, 6m, 25m


0.6m (23 1/2"), 0.9m (35 1/2"), 1.00m (39 1/4"), 1.2m (47 1/4"), 1.8m (71")

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