Winter Grit

Winter Grit

£7.44 inc. VAT

  • 25kg weatherproof bags
  • A mix of grit & salt
  • Melts ice & snow quickly
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More Information

Winter Grit helps you keep your paths and driveways clear of ice and snow through the winter. It comes in an easy-to-handle, weatherproof 25kg plastic bag that you can store outside. However, we do recommend that any open bags be stored undercover.

This Salt and grit mix should be spread on paths and drives when snow or ice is forecast. The more it is walked or driven on, the better. It grinds up the salt making it much more effective. It is best not to spread the grit when heavy rain is forecast as the salt dissolves and washes away.

We also stock a range of bagged aggregates suitable for lots of DIY jobs.

Please be aware that concentrated rock salt can be dangerous to pets. If your pets have been out on the paths or roads with rock salt on, please give their paws etc a rinse to ensure they do not ingest any.

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