Work Gloves

Work Gloves

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  • Carpenters Mate (Fingerless)
  • Sure-Grip
  • ‘F’ Grip
  • Thermal lined

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Work gloves are an essential part of any tool kit. Having the right gloves for the job can make a lot of difference. We have four basic types of work gloves that cover most needs and are suitable for use with our range of Fencing Tools.

  • Carpenters Mate (Fingerless) is for the more precise jobs where accuracy is essential.
  • Sure-Grip is more suited to general work and labouring.
  • ‘F’ Grip is a lighter-weight glove for the warmer months.
  • Thermal lined is a cold-weather general-purpose glove.

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Sure Grip Gloves, Carpenters Mate Fingerless Gloves, Thermal Builders Gloves, Grey Thin 'F' Grip Gloves, Reflex Gloves

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