• SmartBoard composite decking comes in two colours – Chocolate brown & Battleship grey, both have a matt brushed finish. The boards are reversible - ribbed on one side & flat on the other.
    • The manufacturers offer a warranty of 25 years for residential use & 10 years for commercial use.
    • The boards are 3.6m long, 138mm wide & 20mm deep, with each 3.6m board weighing 13.32Kg or 3.7Kg per metre.
    • SmartBoard composite decking is made of a mix of the residue from the manufacture of Oak flooring (60%), recycled dense polyethylene from shampoo bottles etc ( 30% ) and additives to help reduce expansion & contraction (10%).
    • Pack of 200 screws.
    • Screw heads coloured to match the colour of smartboard decking selected.