Wooden Decking

Wooden Decking

Decking is an extremely versatile way of extending your living space into the garden. Decks are great for entertaining or dining on summer evenings. For young children, they can create a safe play area. Wooden decking can be designed to enhance and integrate into most gardens providing a real, more natural alternative to concrete or paving patios.

Planning Permission

Installing Wooden Decking can sometimes require planning permission. Please check this link to the Government Planning Portal where you can find guidance. If you are in any doubt please check with your local planning office. Building Regulations usually apply to every deck structure requiring planning permission.

After Care.

All types of wooden decking will need regular cleaning and retreating to extend its lifetime and finish. There are many products on the market to help you clean your deck and achieve the finish you want.
Do look at any special re-treatment or initial fixing requirements stipulated as part of any guarantee(s) from the decking manufacturer. Special oils and screws/fixings for some types of wooden decking can be very expensive.

If you need it, we can provide help and advice on how to build your deck and working out for you the materials you will require.
Please get in touch if you have any questions.
We also stock a wide range of decking accessories to complete your decking project, including rope balustrade, balustrade panels, decking screws and decking oil treatment.

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