Concrete Posts, Gravel boards & Spurs

Concrete Posts and Concrete Fencing Materials

Although Concrete Posts and Concrete Fencing Materials may not be as nice to look at as wood, with a life expectancy of about 25 years, concrete posts and fencing materials are viable alternatives to traditional wooden fencing. We stock a range of Concrete Posts, Gravel boards & repair Spurs. We also stock concrete decking support posts.

Concrete Posts

Concrete posts are normally dug into the ground and the post secured with either a drymix of ballast and cement (about 7 to 1 mix with no extra water added) rammed up around the post or postmix (it is important to follow the instructions on the bag).  The amount of each that will be required will depend on the size and depth of the hole. Try to keep the hole diameter fairly tight around the post, 200 to 250mm (8″ to 10″) is good.
Generally, for any fence height, the hole should be a minimum of 600mm (2′) deep. For fence heights over 1.5m we recommend that the hole depth is increased to a minimum of 750mm (2′ 6″).

Concrete Gravel Boards

Concrete Gravel boards for use under standard UK 6′ (1.83m) panels are normally used with slotted concrete posts. Brackets are available to allow them to be fitted to wooden posts if required.
Longer 2.885m concrete gravel boards are available for use with concrete mortised posts to fit under 3m bays of Closeboard. They can be cut down for shorter bays with specialized tools.

Concrete Spurs

Concrete Spurs have a variety of uses. The main one being to repair fence posts that have rotted at ground level. They are attached to the post using coach bolts if you can get at both sides of the fence or coach screws if there is access to one side only.


Concrete fencing items can be quite brittle and crack or chip easily. They need to be transported lying flat and supported along the whole length or they may crack during transit. Please handle with care. We strongly recommend that all items are checked at the time of collection or delivery.


Safety note: All concrete items are heavy and should be lifted with care. Many require a minimum of two people to lift.

Need some extra help?

For more information or help on any concrete products or to obtain a quote for your job please contact us or phone our Sales Team on 01892 864646.

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