Untreated Softwood Gates

Untreated Softwood Entrance Gates

Skilled gate makers manufacture Crestala’s Untreated Softwood Entrance Gates in a variety of styles. We can supply bespoke sizes and designs.

All untreated softwood gates supplied by Crestala are excellent value for money. The timber used is joinery grade, slow-growing redwood.

Storage and Treatment

All Untreated gates are supplied with a base coat (please specify clear or green) which provides some basic protection against fungal attack and blue stain.
IT IS IMPORTANT that all untreated gates are further protected

All Untreated Softwood Gates supplied by Crestala must be stored, treated and cared for properly before and after hanging.  Please, read the recommendations on our “Important Gate Care Information” sheet for more detailed instructions. Failure to follow these instructions may invalidate any future claims.

Cheaper fence and shed treatments are NOT suitable for treating these gates.

A comprehensive range of gate fittings is available from stock.

All wooden gates are susceptible to natural movement or shaking (cracks in the timber) as the wood expands and contracts during the normal weathering process. This is not considered a defect unless very severe.

For more information on any gates manufactured by Crestala contact us or phone our Sales Team on 01892 864646.

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