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Other posts.

“Other Posts” are those that do not fit in with the main post groups.

We currently have in stock two types of posts that fall into this category. Fencing Pins (sometimes known as lamp hooks) and Green painted angle fencing stakes.

Both are more suited to lightweight fencing or general garden use.


  • Fencing Pins

    £2.38 inc. VAT
    • Pointed, steel pin.
    • 1.35m high and approximately 10mm diameter
    • Can be used to support temporary fencing.
    • Ideal for supporting netting up against hedges.
    • Very useful around the garden as a strong plant support.
  • Green Angle Fence Stakes

    £5.49£6.30 inc. VAT
    • 25mm x 25mm x 3mm.
    • 900mm high with 2 holes  or 1.35m high with 3 holes.
    • Can be used to support temporary fencing.
    • Makes a good, strong plant or tree support that does not stand out amongst the foliage.