//Black Angle Posts

Black Angle Posts for Chainlink

Black Angle Posts are a comparatively easy way to support Chain Link. Also available Painted Green or in a Galvanised finish.

  • Inters are holed for the line wires and are pointed for banging in.
    Splayed bottoms for concreting in are available.
  • Ends and Corners come complete with bracing Struts, lacer bars for the chain link and fittings for tensioning the line wires. Posts and struts have splayed bottoms. They are normally concreted in.
  • Two-ways have bracing struts and fittings the same as Ends or Corners but are normally fitted every 50 to 75 metres to provide stability and tensioning in long straight runs.
  • Angle Iron Gates are available and can be covered with Chain Link to match the fencing. Angle hanging & shutting gate posts are used to fit the gate into the run in the desired position.
  • Black Angle Posts etc are also available for higher chainlink fences eg. tennis courts.

Please contact us for further information and advice on materials.