Metal DuraPost

Rear view of a Closeboard fence using olive green DuraPost with post caps and matching composite gravel boards. Shows how the capping is attached to the top rail.

Photo courtesy of SP Fermor Fencing.

DuraPost – Stronger, Lighter and Faster

DuraPost is a good solution to the problem of rotting wooden posts without having to use the hefty, unattractive and drab-looking concrete posts. Made from cold-rolled steel, these “H” section posts are very strong yet surprisingly light. This makes them faster and easier to fit, saving you time, energy and ultimately money.
The new Fencemate DuraPost® complements the beauty of wood with the strength of steel. Creating durable fencing that’s quick and easy to install.
Wind tunnel tested to 100mph; these robust posts are perfect for most types of domestic fencing.

DuraPost Versatility

These posts are great for supporting most standard UK manufactured and continental pattern fence panels. The pre-drilled “H” section posts are easily adapted by changing the Closeboard and Palisade (picket) fencing framework. Most other types of fencing can also be easily erected using the versatile DuraPost.

Composite Gravel Boards

Composite, rot free DuraPost gravel boards are suitable for fitting under fence panels ( 1.83m 6ft long ) and closeboard or palisade (2.44m 8ft long).
They are coloured to match the Olive green DuraPost.
These gravel boards will also fit into standard concrete slotted posts.
We recommend fitting a galvanised reinforcing rod into each gravel board to increase its strength and rigidity.

The boards can be stacked on one another to make a solid fence panel. Each board has an interlocking ridge and groove, which prevents gaps from opening up between the boards.

Front view of a closeboard fence erected with olive green DuraPost and composite gravel boards to match, showing how easy it is to do step-downs and sloping bays when using DuraPost.

Photo courtesy of SP Fermor Fencing

Up to 25 years Manufacturers Guarantee

Guaranteed against failure from corrosion for up to 25 years* DuraPost® will not split, warp and rot like wooden posts or chip and crack like concrete posts. All DuraPost’s are galvanised with the option to have an extra layer of Olive Grey powder coating for added protection which blends in well with the colour of our treated timber.
To obtain the guarantee, you must register your purchase with the manufacturer within 3 months of the invoice date. (see terms & conditions*) .


Unlike wooden posts, all the framework components are speedily screwed together utilising Durapost’s predrilled holes. This makes the fencing very strong and secure. Panels cannot be lifted out, so there is no need to buy panel security brackets.
For Closeboard and Palisade fences, different size bays and coping with slopes is quick and easy to do with DuraPost. No Arris rails to reshape either, saving even more time.
DuraPost’s are up to 80% lighter than the equivalent concrete posts and up to 50% lighter than an equivalent treated wooden post. This means they are much easier to transport, manhandle and install, saving you time and money all round. Unlike wooden posts, if all goes wrong, then the fencing can be quickly disassembled and adjusted with very little damage to the fencing materials.

Adaptable for Corners and Ends

Standard Durapost’s can be easily adapted to make corner posts by using 75 x 50mm (3″ x 2″)- See photo.
The ends of each run are finished off with a strip of 50 x 25mm (2″ x 1″) to fill the redundant channel- See photo.
To complete the fence, each post is topped with a matching post cap (optional).
If you prefer, you can attach “U” channel adapters to Durapost gate/corner posts using 4.8mm x 16mm pan head self-drilling screws to make a corner or an end. “U” channels come in four colours, galvanised or with an added powder-coated layer of protection coloured olive green, brown or anthracite.
The ” U” channels can also be screwed directly onto a wall using appropriate screws and plug to make an End, instead of a more traditional 100mm x 50mm wooden wall plate and coach screws.
Please note: If the wall is not perfectly flat and straight, then a wooden plate is better.

Come to our yard & take a look!

You are welcome to come and see for yourself. We have a display set up in our yard showing how to use Durapost with fence panels and how DuraPost’s can easily be used for traditional closeboard fencing and palisade fencing. See photos.
You can discuss your requirements with a member of our Sales Team who will be able to provide you with a free quote to meet your needs.

Installation Videos

Before you commence work, it is advisable to watch these videos from the manufacturer as they could save you some time and effort.

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Installation Advice: Using DuraPost for Onsite Fencing such as closeboard, palisade or any fencing assembled from a kit.
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