When you go out of the house, more often than not, you’ll hear birds chirping in your local area. Even if you live in a town centre, you are likely to be close to some beautiful parks or nature reserves, making it easy to get into nature and feel part of something bigger. Nature and wildlife is suffering from a decrease in habitat as a result of increased farming and house building. It is a sad fact that many bird and wildlife species are in decline. It’s not all bad though, you can do your part to help wildlife thrive in your area, and we’re here to give you a hand.

Crestala has partnered with CJ Wildlife one of the nation’s leading garden wildlife specialists to bring you an array of the best wildlife products. We aim to help you and your local communities to support the natural beauty of local birds and all types of garden wildlife. CJ Wildlife specialises in all thing’s wildlife. They manufacture many of their Nest Boxes (bird boxes), Hedgehog Houses, Squirrel Houses, Bat Boxes, Frog Bunkers, and they’ve even got you covered if
you are an insect enthusiast!

Also, they have a massive range of wildlife food of all types whether it’s a seed blend and fat balls for your garden bird’s, a feast for the local hedgehogs or the best in flowering plants for bees and butterflies. So if you are a budding wildlife enthusiast because of the COVID-19 lockdowns or a seasoned veteran back garden wildlife helper, we at Crestala Wildlife have got you covered!

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