Rabbit Netting

Rabbit Netting

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  • Galvanised mild steel or Green PVC coated
  • 25mm or 31mm holes
  • 0.6m to 1.8m high
  • 10m to 50m rolls

More Information

Rabbit netting is very versatile and can be used for many purposes. Besides keeping Rabbits out of veggie patches, it is also good for keeping small pets inside your garden. The 1.8m high netting is often used instead of Chicken Netting on chicken runs as it is stronger.

The netting is sometimes stapled onto wooden walkways and bridges to increase grip during wet or icy weather. To avoid a tripping hazard, rabbit netting used for this purpose should be checked regularly, and any damaged sections replaced.

Gardeners use rabbit netting as cheap but strong support for their climbing plants.


Galvanised or green PVC coated.

Stopping the netting sagging

To stop the Rabbit netting from sagging and adding increased strength, it is generally attached to line wires run at the top & bottom of the netting using netting clips. For some applications and netting over 1.05m high, a central line wire(s) is usually added.

Keeping out rabbits

To keep out Rabbits, the minimum netting height is usually 1.05m (3’6″), with approximately 150mm (6″) at the bottom of the netting dug in vertically or turned back horizontally towards the Rabbits, then pegged down, or the turf turned back and then replaced over the net to hold it down.

Our Blog, Rabbit proofing your garden contains much more information on how to keep out rabbits.

Additional information


10m, 25m, 50m


0.5m (19 1/2"), 0.6m (23 1/2"), 0.9m (35 1/2"), 1.00m (39 1/4"), 1.05m (41 1/4"), 1.2m (47 1/4"), 1.8m (71")


Green PVC, Galvanised

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