Square Spindles

Square Spindles

£3.37 inc. VAT

  • Spindles are fitted between the hand & base rails to form the balustrade
  • Pressure-treated timber
  • Planed with rounded corners
  • Length/Width/Depth: 895mm x 41mm x 41mm

More Information

A Square Spindle is 895mm x 41mm x 41mm (Length/Width/Depth).
Planed smooth with the corners rounded off. The spindle is pressure-treated with a preservative to give long life.

Safety Warning

To ensure a child will not get their head stuck in the gaps – the maximum interval between any spindle type must not exceed 100mm.
To achieve this spacing using our square spindles, you must allow eight spindles per metre of the handrail.


Spindles can be attached in various ways depending on the balustrade style being made.
The most common is by woodscrew through the top and bottom rails into the ends of the spindles. The screw needs to be long enough to allow a minimum of 50mm depth into each end of the spindle. Depending on the type of screw used, the spindle may need to be predrilled to prevent the spindle from splitting.
Whatever balustrade style you are making, we recommend using external quality screws as these do not rust and cause brown stains to mark the spindle.

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