Sleepers & Heavy TGV Boards - stocked at Crestala Fencing Centre
//Sleepers & Heavy TGV Boards

Sleepers & Heavy TGV Boards

Sleepers are excellent for a multitude of uses around the garden, including raised beds, garden steps, shed bases and sleeper walls.

We stock both Treated Softwood and Oak Hardwood sleepers.

Heavy Tongue & groove boards can be used instead of sleepers for garden raised beds and retaining walls.

If you need any help please get in touch with our friendly team.

    • Oak sleepers are untreated
    • Within a few months, the sleepers colour will start to change to silver grey
    • Like all Green Oak products, as the sleepers dry out they will be prone to cracking & movement.  As this is a natural process and beyond our control, it is not accepted as a reason for rejection
    • There may be some wain on the edges
    • There may be some variation in colour
  • Softwood Sleepers

    £15.94£31.10 inc. VAT
    • Our softwood sleepers are treated to UC4 standard for in-ground contact.
    • Unless specified, our softwood sleepers are Larch, which is naturally resistant to rot.
    • There may be some variation in colour & after a few months, they will slowly change to silver grey.
    • There may be some small amounts of wain on the edges.
    • Kiln Dried & treated to UC4 standard
    • Heavy-duty tongue & groove is ideal for raised beds, retaining walls.
    • Heavy TGV boards, when used with slotted concrete posts, can make a simple sound reducing acoustic fence.