£3.52 inc. VAT

  • 20mm Ballast
  • Convenient 20kg plastic-wrapped bags
  • Mix of small stones & sharp sand

More Information

Ballast is a mix of small stones and sharp sand. Our 20mm ballast is conveniently packed in 20 kg plastic bags, making it easy to move and handle. 20mm ballast is also ideal for making up a general-purpose concrete mix.

Making Dry mix concrete for fence posts.

20mm ballast, when mixed with cement, is also ideal for making dry-mix concrete which can be used to secure fence posts. Mix the ballast straight out of the bag with cement in a ratio of 7 ballast to 1 cement. Do not add any extra water. Mix well. Feed the mixture into the hole around the post a few inches at a time and ram up using a spare piece of timber or a Post hole Tamper, checking as you go that the post is vertical with a level.

Allow approximately 1 to 1 ½ bags of ballast per post.

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