Fencing Grafts

Fencing Grafts

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  • Digging Tool with a long handle designed for digging deep post holes.

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Fencing Grafts

Excavator Fencing Grafts are excellent digging tools designed for making the deep holes required for fence posts.
 When using a Fencing Graft, please take care and read the safety warning below.

  • Exercise caution when digging any deep holes; check for power cables and service pipes before digging. Repairing fractured service pipes is expensive, but cutting into power cables is very dangerous and potentially life-threatening. In addition, power cables, gas, water and sewage pipes have been found in places that you would not expect, even embedded in the concrete around an existing post. Therefore, we advise caution and wearing rubber-soled shoes and rubber gloves when digging deep fence post holes. 

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67" Excavator Fencers Graft

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