Arris Rails

Arris Rails

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Arris Rails are normally used in the construction of Palisade or Closeboard Fencing.

  • Ended (The ends are shaped to fit in mortises)
  • Unended (The ends are square-cut)

More Information

Arris Rails are commonly used in the construction of Palisade or Closeboard Fencing. They can also be an alternative to square-sawn rails or half-round rails for Post and Rail fencing.

Size and Lengths

The rails are made from 75mm X 75mm posts sawn diagonally to make 2 x triangular Arris rails. The rails can be supplied in lengths to suit the bay sizes required, ranging from 1.8m (6′) to 3.6m (12′). An Arris Rail can be supplied either with a chamfered end for use with mortised posts or unended, usually for use with Arris Rail Brackets.

3.6m (12′) Bays

We would not recommend using 3.6m (12′) bays unless you cannot avoid it. The rails can sag excessively; using two stumps can help.
Trimmed down, they are very handy when the last bay to finish off your fence is a little longer than 3m (10′). Don’t be tempted to stretch the bays by having less than 50mm (2″) in each mortise, as this will weaken the finished fence.

Cutting Down (shortening) an Arris Rail

Sometimes, an Arris rail needs to be cut down to make a short or part bay. You can easily re-end shortened rails with a cross-cut saw or an anvil. The Closeboard Materials help sheet picture shows Arris rails that have been re-ended with a saw.

Repairing a broken Arris rail

Broken Arris rails are easily fixed with purpose-made Arris rail repair brackets. There are two types, one for wooden posts and one for concrete posts. Both types are attached with external quality wood screws.

Help, Advice and more information

Do you need help or more information about Arris Rails, Closeboard or Palisade Fencing? Check out our Closeboard Materials and Palisade Materials help pages. Have you got a question about Arris Rails? Our Sales Team will be happy to help.

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Ended, Unended


1.80m (71"), 2.40m (7'10"), 3.00m (9'10"), 3.60m (11'9")

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