BSW Easi-edge

BSW Easi-edge

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  • Most sizes are C16 Stress Graded
  • Pressure-treated
  • Smooth with rounded corners
  • Fewer splinters

More Information

Easi-edge CLS framing timber from BSW is semi-prepared with rounded corners. As the wood is smooth, it is easy and pleasant to handle, with fewer splinters. In addition, our Easi-edge is pressure treated to UC3 for above-ground external use.

Wall Plates

The 95mm x 45mm is ideal for making wall plates to finish off most types of fencing where one end (or both ends) needs to be attached to a wall. Use 100mm m8 coach screws and nylon wall plugs or 100mm x m8 ThunderBolts to provide a secure fixing.

Sheds and Log stores

Easi-edge and our sawn finish framing timer are ideal for building sheds, lean-to’s, log stores, and other external carpentry.

Unless stated otherwise, all our Easi-edge is stress graded to the C16 standard.

General Building Work

Our Easi-edge suits most internal and external general, off-ground building work. However, when used for internal stud framing, please ensure it is dry before covering it with plasterboard.


Crestala stocks a variety of fastenings suitable for use with treated timber. If you need help selecting the correct ones for your project, please talk to our Sales team, who will be happy to help.


Additional information


1.80m (71"), 2.10m (6'10"), 2.40m (7'10"), 3.00m (9'10"), 3.60m (11'9"), 4.8m (15'8")


45mm (2") x 45mm (2") NOT C16 STRESS GRADED, 145mm (6") x 45mm (2"), 195mm (8") x 45mm (2"), 70mm (3") x 45mm (2") NOT C16 STRESS GRADED, 95mm (4") x 45mm (2")

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