Chestnut Inter Posts (Pointed)

Chestnut Inter Posts (Pointed)

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  • An unsorted mixture of splits, rounds and halves.
  • Chestnut hardwood products are untreated.
  • Bitumen protective treatment or Wood preserver can be painted on to provide additional protection.

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Hardwood Chestnut inters for use with line wires or most types of wire, netting and weldmesh.
All of our Chestnut posts are winter cut, so they have minimal sap and are more resistant to rotting.
Our Chestnut inter posts are sold as a mixture of rounds, splits and halves. All posts have been pointed to make banging in easier.
These posts are not pressure treated as Chestnut is a hardwood. Instead, the lower portion of the posts can be painted with bitumen or a wood preservative to add extra protection and increase the post’s lifespan.

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1.65m (65"), 1.8m (71"), 2.1m (6'10")


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