Feather Edge

Feather Edge

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  • For cladding closeboard fencing
  • Used horizontally as a cladding for sheds and log stores etc
  • Featheredge is made from a 100mm x 22mm board being cut diagonally to make two feather edge boards
  • The featheredge should be overlapped by approximately 20mm
  • 38 boards required per 3m bay

More Information

Feather Edge Boards

Feather edge boards are made from a 100mm x 22mm board cut diagonally to make two feather edge boards.
All our feather edge boarding is pressure-treated after cutting for a longer life.


F/edge is mainly used for the vertical cladding of Arris rails or 38mm x 88mm square sawn rails as part of a closeboard fence.

It can also be used horizontally as a replacement for Weatherboard when cladding sheds and log stores etc.


The boards should be overlapped by approximately 20mm. However, do not be tempted to reduce the overlap as the feather edge will shrink during dry spells, and gaps may open up between the featheredge.
The boards are attached to the rails using 50mm galvanised nails. One nail per rail, per board.

To calculate the number of boards required, multiply the number of meters by 12.7 or feet by 3.8 (38 boards per 3m bay). Always allow for a few spares.

Help Sheet

Do you need help or need a bit more information about Closeboard Fencing? Check out our Closeboard Materials and Information Helpsheet.

Cut to order

750mm, 900mm, 2.25mm and any other special lengths required are cut to order. Would you please allow at least 24 hours’ notice.


Feather edge boards are prone to warping, particularly before being fixed on the arris rails. Therefore, feather edge boards must be stored out of direct sunlight before assembly into the fence after delivery. For more information on this topic, please read our page on the Characteristics of timber.

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