Fencing Pins

Fencing Pins

£3.22 inc. VAT

  • Pointed, steel pin
  • 1.35m high and approximately 10mm diameter
  • Can be used to support temporary fencing
  • Ideal for supporting netting up against hedges
  • Very useful around the garden as a strong plant support


More Information

These steel Fencing Pins (or Lamp hooks as they are sometimes called) are self colour (not painted). Fencing pins are ideal for supporting temporary fencing or light netting and for easy insertion they have a sharp point on one end.  Excellent for supporting netting placed up against hedges to keep pets in the garden. The small diameter steel shaft and sharp point make them much easier to bang in through heavily rooted areas than wooden posts. Apart from fencing, these pins make excellent plant supports. Very strong, easily knocked in or removed.

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