Loop Overs

Loop Overs

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  • Suitable for 75mm (3″) wooden gates. This includes most 5 bar gates and some styles of heavy frame gates.
  • Standard or lockable

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Loop Over Latches

A 75mm (3″) Loop over is used for pairs of 5 bar style gates to keep them securely closed by joining the top of both gates. These loop overs may also be suitable for use with some of our flat top, heavy frame gates. Please check with our sales team for suitability.
A pad lockable version is available if required.


It is important that the pivot bolt is fitted in the correct place on the top rail. Check carefully before drilling the bolt hole so that the loop over can pivot freely over the tops of both gate stiles.
A properly fitted loop over can also help keep a pair of gates in line and reduce the risk of the gates warping badly.

A drop bolt must be fitted to at least one gate. We strongly recommend that both gates are fitted with drop bolts for pairs of gates. The drop bolts help to hold the bottom of the gates in line with each other.


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Loop Over 3", Loop Over (Lockable)

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