Netting Clips

Netting Clips

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  • Light and heavy Netting rings
  • CL22 clips
  • FP222 clips

More Information

Netting clips and netting rings are a very efficient and fast way of attaching chainlink, netting or weldmesh to supporting line wires.

About Netting Rings

Netting rings come in two variants, heavy or light. They are applied with a specially designed plier. For small or one-off jobs these are the most economical method.

About Netting Clips

Netting clips come in two different styles CL22 and FP222 which can be used with the appropriate type of netting clip gun.

Additional information


FP222 clip Gun (Green plastic), FP222 clips (per box 1000), CL22 clip Gun (Chromed metal), CL22 clips (per box 1000), 7" Galvanised Netting Ring Pliers, Light Netting Clips (box: 200), Heavy Netting Clips (box: 100)

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